Note: These instructions are for instructors using an individual Pivot Interactives account made prior to June 2021. If you're a new user, please see these instructions instead for how to create a Student Pay License. If you would like to upgrade your account for free to the new license model, please contact support at or reach out to us in the chat.

Instructors can create classes where students join by paying for their own access, either by paying directly with a credit card or using an access code purchased from your institution's book store.

At least ten (10) students must purchase access for your account to become active.

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How to Create the Class

  • To create a student-pay course, you'll need to have a teacher account on Pivot Interactives. If you don't have a teacher account, you can request a free account here.

  • Once you have an account, log in and create a new class by going to My Classes and clicking the "+ Add Class" button:

Configure the class by giving it a name and selecting the payment type and institution level:

  • Name the class. If you're using a learning management system, like Canvas or D2L, we suggest using the same name as your LMS.

  • Select Student for the payment method.

  • Select your Level.

  • If you will have students in the class under the age of 13, check the accompanying box.

  • When you're done, click Create and your course will be made!

How to Manage the Class

Once your new class is created, you can see and edit the class by clicking on the class title from the My Classes page, then selecting "View Class & Roster."

How to Invite Students to The Class

To invite students to join the class, give them the eight-character Class Key or the Join Link. This information is available in two places:

  • On the View Class and Roster page within the course:

  • From the Classes page, click on the Action Dots (...) on the right side of the course list and select Copy Link to Join Class to copy your course's join link.

When students join the class, they will be prompted to create an account and to:

  • enter a credit card number to pay for access to your course

  • enter an access code they purchased from your institution's bookstore

Either option will allow the student to join the class and access the instructor's materials.

As an instructor, you'll need a minimum of 10 students to join the class within the first 30 days of creating the course; otherwise, the class content will not be visible to the students.


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