(Legacy) Activating Seats
After you purchase seats, you need to activate them into your account before you can use them with students.
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Note: These instructions are for purchases made from Vernier prior to Jan 2022. These codes are no longer available for purchase. Please see our help article here for how to purchase from the Pivot Interactives store.

Activating seats is the last step in the purchase process. Only once seats are activated into your account can you begin using them with your students. 

Seats last for one year (for high school) or one college term (semester, quarter, January-term, May-term, summer-term, etc.) from the activation date. You can purchase seats and activate them whenever you want. Seats that have never been activated never expire, so instructors can activate seats as they need them. 

You can activate seats that you purchased or activate seats that another instructor or administrator purchased for you.

Activating seats you purchased:

  •  You can use the Activate Seats button in the email you receive when you purchase your seats.

  • Log into your account

  • Click Account, and select Purchases.

  • From the Purchases page, click Activate on the purchase that has the seats you want to activate:

  • This brings you to the Seats page, where you can activate the seats you need:

Activating Seats Sent to You

If an instructor or administrator purchased seats for you, you still need to activate the seats into your account;

  • Click the Activate Seats button in the email you received when they distributed the seats to you.

  • Use the activation code to activate the seats into your account directly:

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