Instructors and administrators can buy student subscription seats for Pivot Interactives. Each seat gives one student to access to one class in Pivot Interactives for one year for high school purchases and for one semester for college purchases. When you make a purchase, you will receive an Activation Code in an email. This code can be used to activate seats in any instructor's account. Here are some things to know about purchasing seats using activation codes:

  • Each purchase has an activation code associated with it, and a number of student subscription seats.
  • Instructors use the activation code to activate seats into their account so that students can join their classes.
  • Once activated, each seat allows one additional student to be enrolled in an instructors class for one year (for high school) or one semester (college), starting from the date the seat is activated.
  • Un-activated seats can remain attached to an purchase code indefinitely.

Instructors or administrators can click here to place an order for seats. To purchase, enter the number of student seats needed, the email of the purchaser, and the email of the primary Pivot Interactives instructor who will be using these seats. Each seat allows the instructor to have one additional student enrolled in a class for one year for high school and six months for college. Complete your order with Vernier Software and Technology.

After your order is processed by Vernier Software and Technology, you will receive an email that will allow you to:

  • Create a Pivot Interactives account (if you don't already have one).
  • Activate seats you purchased, which will add seats to your account.
  • Distribute the activation code to other instructors so they can activate seats into their accounts .

Once seats are purchased, an email is sent to the purchaser, who can then distribute the seats to other instructors, or activate them into their account for use with their own students.

Distributing Purchased Seats to Other Instructors
Activating Seats into an Account for Use with Students

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