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Having Trouble Logging In or Connecting
Having Trouble Logging In or Connecting

Here's help if you can't connect to the Pivot Interactives website or are having trouble logging in.

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If you receive an error message when trying to access or log in to Pivot Interactives, here are some things to check if you can't access Pivot Interactives.

Your email or password is not correct.

It's easy to forget or mistype a password. You can request a password reset, as shown below. This will send an email to the address you used when creating your Pivot Interactives account. Check your spam/junk inbox if you don't get this email within a few minutes.

I mistyped my email when I set up my account.

If you mistyped your email address when you created your account, the password reset wouldn't work because the system will send an email to your mistyped email address. In this case, you can still log in if you remember your mistyped email and the password you used. As a teacher, if you think you mistyped your email address when you created your account, contact our tech support by clicking the chat bubble at the lower right of the screen or sending an email to

I used an SSO to set up my account.

We offer Single Sign On (SSO) with four services:

  • Google

  • Clever

  • ClassLink

  • Microsoft

IMPORTANT: A recent change to SSO-managed accounts has changed how students and instructors may reset passwords. If your account is managed by an SSO (Clever, ClassLink, Google, or Microsoft), your password and profile settings are also managed by your SSO provider. You will not be able to reset your password within Pivot Interactives if you are using an SSO. If you have additional questions, please contact us in the chat.

My student forgot their username and/or password.

As a teacher, you can see the email address that your students used to create their account on your Class and Roster page. There, you can also change their password if they are not using an SSO.

Neither teachers nor our tech support can access any user passwords (except their own).

Common Connectivity Issues

If you get the error message below, your computer is having trouble connecting with our servers. 

Here are some possible reasons why you might get this message:

Your computer is not connected to the internet.

Check to see if you can access other sites. Sometimes you can see cached versions of websites on your computer even if you are not connected, so make sure to click a link on a website to check that you are currently connected.

Your browser cookie settings are preventing access.

Make sure cookies and local storage are not blocked. Again, you can test this by accessing your account using a different browser or a different computer. If you can access Pivot Interactives using an alternate browser or a different computer, you may need to change the settings on the browser you originally used or switch browsers. Use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Del in your browser to access your Cookie settings.

The network you are using has a VPN or firewall that prevents access to our site.

You can test this by accessing Pivot Interactives using a different network, such as your home wifi or using a hotspot. If your network is blocking access to Pivot Interactives, you may need to contact your network admin to create an exception for Pivot Interactives. The firewall should allow exceptions for:

Allow List

If you are on a school WiFi service and noticing blocking, contact your IT department and send them this list - they will need to modify the district's Allow List.

Ad blocker software is preventing access to our servers.

We don't use advertising of any kind in Pivot Interactives. But we do use software that tracks users' actions within Pivot Interactives. We use this to improve performance, speed, and reliability and to create new features. Sometimes, the software we use can cause adblockers to prevent access. Try disabling your ad blocker, or try accessing Pivot Interactives with a different browser or computer. If you can access Pivot Interactives while bypassing your ad blocker, you may need to add Pivot Interactives as an exception in the ad blocker.

Your browser may not be supported by Pivot Interactives.

Here is a  list of system requirements for using Pivot Interactives. Other browsers may work but may also have intermittent problems.

Your computer or network blocks access to Amazon AWS S3.

If you can access Pivot Interactives but you can't see videos, or you get an error message saying, "There was an error playing this video", your computer or network may block access to Amazon AWS S3.

To figure out if this is happening:

  • Your computer should be connected to the internet.

  • You are able to log into Pivot Interactives.

  • You can access an activity.

  • When you try to access a video, it will say "There was an error playing this video."

This can occur when you're using safe browsing protocols. Examples include Xfinity and the "" used for parental control. To solve this, contact your network administrator or internet provider if you have this error.

Our website might be experiencing problems.

This is not the most likely reason because our remote cloud servers are extremely reliable. If all the other tests below fail to help, contact our tech support at

If you can access but cannot access, your browser security or network security is blocking you from accessing Pivot Interactives.

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